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  • Raiderbeater: We just recently added the GSP program to our eBay business. We normally sell moderate to high priced...
  • David Smart: Still don’t like the new listing page. I have given it a good try, but is too cluttered up and...
  • eBetsy: Pending RSVPs, we still have a few spots left to clear from the standby list for this year’s eBay...
  • Everol: When a new system is introduced, sellers should not be retroactively penalized as this system does. If the...
  • JUDITH GERMAIN: I never send emails to my customers after an item has been mailed. However, I always send a personal...

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Christmas greeting card

Ready for the Holidays?


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The sun might be shining, but before you know it, shoppers will be busy making their lists and checking them twice, and the selling season will be in full swing. It will be a whirlwind like it is every year. It makes sense. The holiday season is the busiest time for merchants ...

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Blank photographs hanging on a clothesline

Simple Is Best


"Keep it simple, silly!" and, “Less is more” are two sayings many of us have heard for years. They’re also great rules to apply to your business ...

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Summer Beach Scene

Make Your Summer Sales Sizzle


As a kid, summer vacation rocked. You couldn't wait to spend your days popping wheelies, roasting marshmallows on the campfire and staying up late with friends. Summer couldn't arrive soon enough. As an online seller, summertime might make you less giddy ...

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Checking her online orders

Straight from You: After-Sale Emails


Last week we asked you if emailing buyers after a sale was worthwhile here and on Auctiva EDU. We got lots of responses and thought we'd share some of your comments. See just what your fellow merchants said ...

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This Weekend’s Forecast: Yard Sales


The Easter bunny has come and gone. You've dressed your kids in their Sunday best. You may have even started planting tomatoes and flowers in your garden. Yes, spring is here, and that means it's prime time for yard sales. We know many eBay sellers frequent yard sales looking for goods to resell. But just how beneficial—and profitable—are yard sales ...

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Easter eggs

Get ‘Hopping’ Sales for Easter


In just a few weeks, people will be dying eggs in vibrant colors, getting Easter baskets together and donning their Sunday best. Easter will be here before you know it, which gives online sellers, like you, another great opportunity ...

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Scrubbing The Floor

Spring Cleaning Can Bring Big Bucks


Spring has sprung. For millions, that means it's time for spring cleaning. As you tidy your rooms and wipe down the kitchen cabinets, don't forget to keep an eye out for items that might bring you profits ...

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