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  • Carole: Rick, Many sellers sell stamps, postcard, coins, paper and such. They can be mailed in a plain envelope....
  • Deb Robinson: I’ve added GSP to all of my listings several weeks back, and to this day I haven’t had a...
  • glyn: Like many others, I do not like the new pages, ignoring the fact that certain pages DO NOT WORK PROPERLY! I...
  • Rick: Gloria makes a good point. Perhaps that is what Thiobie meant by “Standard Postage”. I did not...
  • Rick: Virtually all USPS shipping methods now include free tracking, including “standard postage,” which...

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Who Should be Policing eBay?


Have you ever reported another seller's eBay listing because of a policy violation? I have to admit I have, but both instances were the result of someone blatantly stealing my images or "creating" a description that was mine, word for word ...

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‘Shakedown’ or Actual Concern: I smell a rat!


I returned from a relaxing extended weekend in Carson City, NV, recently to discover an e-mail from a recent buyer in my inbox. According to him, the item he had purchased from me was missing a vital component—and would not work without it. ...

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After 10 days of frustration, anger and just plain confusion, I finally feel vindicated for a false accusation of violating eBay's Verified Rights Owner Program. The organization, which is supposed to protect the intellectual property rights of third parties on eBay, came knocking at my door recently ...

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Speak of the Devil… I Mean ‘Phisher’


A few weeks back, I commented on a thread on our forums about how to spot "phishing" or "spoof" e-mails claiming to be from eBay, PayPal, Auctiva, etc. Then over the weekend, I received a very legitimate-looking e-mail, claiming to be a message from another eBay member. ...

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For Browsers, Change Is Good


A mock funeral was held last week to honor an old friend to many, Internet Explorer 6. First released back in 2001, the browser was once highly regarded, but today users are less than enthusiastic about it. Funeral organizers think the browser should be officially laid to rest ...

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Search Engines Power Sales


Search engines continue to be a top resource for online shoppers. In fact, a recent study by Compete Online Shopper, a Web analytics company, found that 61 percent of online buyers use search engines when shopping around for products. ...

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