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  • Raiderbeater: We just recently added the GSP program to our eBay business. We normally sell moderate to high priced...
  • David Smart: Still don’t like the new listing page. I have given it a good try, but is too cluttered up and...
  • eBetsy: Pending RSVPs, we still have a few spots left to clear from the standby list for this year’s eBay...
  • Everol: When a new system is introduced, sellers should not be retroactively penalized as this system does. If the...
  • JUDITH GERMAIN: I never send emails to my customers after an item has been mailed. However, I always send a personal...

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Auctiva Celebrates 15 Years


The month of August at Auctiva means a couple things: First, where our offices are located, you can be sure we’re thankful for the free air conditioning inside since the temperatures outside are sweltering. But August is also Auctiva’s birthday month and in 2013, we are celebrating our 15th year in business. We’d like to offer our loyal customers a chance to win a little online spending money to say thank you. Beginning today, we will collect entries for two eBay gift card drawings on our Auctiva Facebook and our Auctiva EDU Facebook pages. ...

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…Auctiva’s Superfans!


If you’re anything like me, you probably spent your youth -- and a painfully embarrassing amount of your adult life -- wishing you possessed some sort of superpower, be it invisibility, the gift of flight, super strength, or simply the superhuman willpower needed to pass on seconds (or thirds) during the holiday season. While we can’t give you any of these powers, we can offer you the chance to become an Auctiva Superfan. What does that mean? Well, besides being an all-around amazing online seller, you’ll have the chance to win some really great rewards! ...

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eBay Changes Look and Feel

New eBay logo

eBay is beginning to roll out some pretty dramatic changes to its site and says even more updates are on their way. In addition to the cleaner, new logo that was put into action last week, eBay is changing the homepage to reflect member-specific shopping preferences. ...

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Sell it Social Tool Will Be Retired


It’s a common trend to see technology changing monthly. It’s seems that we are no longer surprised when our favorite websites or apps like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest tweak their sites and introduce new features or a new ‘look and feel’. ...

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Be Social and Sell

Sell It Social Screenshot

I am a complete Facebook addict. If I haven't checked my news feed by breakfast, I must be sick or have misplaced my smartphone (another addiction for another blog post). True, Facebook provides me with some information that I really don't need ...

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We’ve Reached 2,000 Likes on Facebook

Thumb Up Sign

You like us! You really like us, and we can't thank you enough for it. You helped us surpass the 2,000-like mark on Facebook late last week, and it feels great! ...

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Enter Our Video Contest and Win Big!


Ever wish you could be a director? Well, we're giving the chance to tap your inner Spike Lee, Spike Jonze, Steven Spielberg or whatever other filmmaker inspires you with our latest contest. ...

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