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  • Carole: Rick, Many sellers sell stamps, postcard, coins, paper and such. They can be mailed in a plain envelope....
  • Deb Robinson: I’ve added GSP to all of my listings several weeks back, and to this day I haven’t had a...
  • glyn: Like many others, I do not like the new pages, ignoring the fact that certain pages DO NOT WORK PROPERLY! I...
  • Rick: Gloria makes a good point. Perhaps that is what Thiobie meant by “Standard Postage”. I did not...
  • Rick: Virtually all USPS shipping methods now include free tracking, including “standard postage,” which...

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Auctiva Dads Share Their Wish Lists

Cart with dad gift

My online shopping radar has been recently focused on all-things “Father’s Day”. The dads that I shop for are mostly out of the area, if not out of the state, so shopping online is a natural choice for me to make sure their gifts are delivered easily and on time. ...

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‘Like’ AliExpress and Save Even More


If you like saving money, you'll want to "like" AliExpress on Facebook today! The wholesale sourcing site is offering $5 coupons for your next AliExpress order simply for liking the site on Facebook. ...

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eBay Seller Update 2011


Now that a few days have passed since eBay announced its first round of policy changes for sellers for 2011, I've had some time to digest the information. And, frankly, I'm tired. I've been going through all of my listings, revising them with each new change, calculating the new insertion fees, the new final value fees, considering current market prices, ...

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The ASD Trade Show: Day 2

?????? ???????. Business seminar.

Our second day in Vegas began with about the same amount of madness as the first. But that morning, instead of rushing through the airport at 5:30 a.m., our Communications Manager Robert Green was busy rehearsing the presentation he was going to give at the trade show. ...

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A Disappointing Black Friday


I was a little disappointed in this year's Black Friday. For me, there just weren't any "must have" items that I felt compelled to stand in line for hours to get. In the past I had always looked forward to this date to add to my inventory, but this year I didn't see any "must haves." ...

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USPS Comes Through!


Is it just me, or has the post office been much faster lately? Recently, I sold a video game on eBay to a man who lived on the other side of the country. He bought it late Friday night, and sent me a nice note stating that the game was a gift for his grandson's birthday on the following Tuesday ...

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Auctiva is Now on Facebook!


We're very pleased to announce that our long-awaited Auctiva Facebook page launched this week! This page will be a place to share news, updates, videos, and some fun contests and activities ...

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