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Mother’s Day is always an important day in our home, and I’m sure it is in yours, too. It’s a time to show Mom just how important she is and thank her for all the wonderful things she’s done.

Millions of shoppers thank their moms when May comes around. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day is a major retail holiday. It’s so important that in 2010, the organization reported it was the second largest holiday behind the winter holidays. That year, shoppers were expected to spend a total of $14.6 billion on moms around the country. The average person was expected to spend about $127 to pamper Mom. In 2011, spending was projected to reach $16.3 billion.

That creates a big opportunity for online sellers—if you know what to offer to get the attention of shoppers, and know how to encourage buyers to buy from you. Below, we came up with a few tips to help you do just that.

Rebecca Miller,’s product manager and an eBay seller of more than 12 years, says in the past, fragrances were great inventory options, as were robes and slippers. Keep in mind that gift-givers want to spoil Mom, and these are great ways to do it, she notes. She got many of these items from sale racks after the winter holidays and Valentine’s Day. She just chose items that weren’t holiday themed and held onto them until May.

Other potential inventory? Clothing, jewelry and accessories, reports the National Retail Federation. In 2010, about 32 percent of American shoppers were expected to buy Mom a piece of jewelry, spending a total of $3 billion just on jewelry gifts. Of course, don’t forget about cards and electronics like iPads and e-readers. They’re also popular gifts options.

Once you have your inventory in place, you can remind buyers that you have what they want—not your competition. One of the easiest ways to do this is by simply telling them. Believe it or not, shoppers struggle to find the right gifts for others, so if you have an item that Mom will love, let your potential buyers know. Make a note of it in your listings’ descriptions.

Also, offer convenience by stating that you’ll ship items directly to Mom if your buyer asks you to. This way, if buyers are making a purchase just a few days before the big day, they won’t have to wait to get your shipment to get it to Mom. You’ll make sure the item arrives to her promptly.

Finally, assure shoppers that you’ll pack your items nicely, as if your own mother was the recipient. Let them know that you’ll give them beautifully packaged goods with the right amount of packing materials and tissue paper to add a touch of elegance. You might even offer to gift-wrap orders so they won’t have to worry about it.

What are some of your tips for Mother’s Day? How are you preparing for the big day? Tell us in the comments below.

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